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The Invisible Wall: On Low-Cost Flights and the Role of the Government

It’s hot and humid in the summer, so everyone flies abroad. How are people flying? In recent years, more and more people have been traveling with low cost airlines. On our last family vacation to London, we flew with one such company.  Direct flights, clean new planes, comfortable seats, flights that departed on time and […]

Is the “Fair Rents Law” Fair?

The ongoing public debate surrounding the Israeli real estate market (see here for my previous article on the subject) touches on the legislative agenda – many attempts have been made to influence the market through various regulatory tools. Recently, an amendment to the Rent and Lease Law, known as the “Fair Rents Law,” was approved […]

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What Can Ants Teach us about Economics?

One of the most surprising things about ants colonies is that they have no leader or strategy. According to an article in the journal “Alaxon”, ants develop and occupy different roles in the nest rather flexibly, without any top-down design. They communicate solely based on pheromones, the fragrant molecules they secrete. Genetic factors may also […]

Targeted Legislation: How Israeli Taxpayers Funded the Mobileye Deal

First, a brief introduction: The positive headlines surrounding Mobileye continue to dominate the Israeli tech scene, especially in Jerusalem. This week it was announced that the company would build a new and luxurious campus in the Har Hotzvim neighborhood of Jerusalem, in order to attract thousands of additional employees to the capital. Before that, on […]


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